iPhone 8 IMPCT Phone Case

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Fits iPhone 7, 8 and SE (Not Plus Sizes)
Fits size SMALL mounts
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SKU: JG.IMPCT.iPhone8.
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  • 3 ounces,  5.9" x 3.22" x 0.6"
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  • 4
    Jeremy Hook

    Posted by Jeremy Hook on Aug 8th 2021

    Great phone case, 4 stars only because I would have liked it to have a screen protector, other than that it's great.

  • 5

    Posted by Steve on Apr 5th 2021

    Perfect for me. I'm using this on an iPhone 6s and the fit is good. Feels like I could fire the phone out of a cannon and it'd still be fine. Love it.

  • 5

    Posted by Tyler on Sep 15th 2019

    Juggernaut IMPCT Before getting into my field notes regarding the IMPCT, I think it's important that we establish a baseline surrounding the lifestyle that I lead, that others may firmly grasp the environment my IMPCT has been subjected to. I, like many others, am a veteran, a current LEO and an avid outdoorsman. Also like many others, my device travels nearly everywhere I do, from domestic disturbance calls, to a solid week in the backcountry, to a simple school day pick up. My device acts as operational navigation, downtime entertainment and absolutely as a solid surface with which to stack arrows freshly pulled from targets or game. Prior to purchasing a piece of equipment, I tend to put in my research, even if it's over a $55 device case. Prior to the IMPCT, I expressly used the Otterbox Defender series of cases. Over time, the Otterboxes would warp and the soft rubber cover would fail. I try diligently to not fall for clever marketing schemes in a world full of “tactical” nonsense. After pulling the trigger on the IMPCT for a brand-new iPhone 8, I decided to give it several months of hard use prior to writing a review and I will note up front that I have been nothing short of pleased and impressed. Please understand that I am writing this of my own accord and am nothing more than a patron of Juggernaut, however I absolutely feel as though a solid product should be recognized. My primary point to convey is that the Juggernaut IMPCT has taken a my delicate iPhone from an inside-use-only device and ruggedized it to the point that it is in no way out of place in a physical altercation at work, or inside my bino case bowhunting. Numerous times have I dropped my device (whilst inside the Juggernaut IMPCT) and cringed, picking it up to find that the IMPCT has done it's job and protected my vital line of communication. When I say “dropped”, what I mean is from my work rig down to the asphalt more times than I'd like to admit and from hillsides onto rocks. It has been struck with punches and kicks and continues to hold strong, without signs of weakness or breakage. As a side note, the flat edges of the Juggernaut IMPCT make placing your device for hands-free operation (I.e.; YouTube sessions) far more manageable and stress-inducing. I do have some negatives here, just to prove my unbiased opinion. Number one is that activation of the Silent Mode switch on the iPhone requires some type of tool, unless you've got the fingers of a newborn child. However, the bottom insert or plug will absolutely get it done. It's more of a nitpicking gripe than an actual complaint, but there it is. The second is that the composite nature of the case's construction does lead to some degree of marking when struck. In my case, it's from consistently stacking arrows point-first on the back of the case while my device sits in my hip pocket. It is to be noted that the second is 110% from my own misuse and not attributable to the Juggernaut IMPCT itself. At the end of the day, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a second Juggernaut IMPCT; in fact, as I write this I'm looking for another to fit my secondary device. I'm not simply satisfied with the IMPCT, I'm genuinely impressed with the product. A big thank you to Juggernaut for producing a piece of equipment which can routinely withstand abuse and harsh environments. -Tyler