Note 8 IMPCT Phone Case

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Fits Samsung Note 8 (Not S8)
Fits size MEDIUM mounts
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  • 3 ounces,  6.83" x 3.43" x 0.63"
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    Posted by YHC on Mar 13th 2019

    Overall, a good product but could use some improvements. Easy to insert the phone with a smooth snug fit, but if you already have a stick-on screen protector in place, it may get snagged while inserting. The case feels good in the hand, but the smooth surfaces make it a little slippery (soldiers or anyone else can get sweaty palms while active). Therefore I added some grippy strips to help with this small problem. On the Note 8 version, there is no opening for access to the pen (I may have to see if I can modify this). The Forearm Mount is very well made, and I like the BOA closure system because you can continuously adjust the tightness so that you don't cut off your blood circulation. Other closure systems like Velcro is terrible (Velcro wears out and makes noise). I would also like to see a small hole where we can have the option to "dummycord" our device to our body or gear, just in case of accidents. Using the Forearm Mount, you can place your IMPCT case either with the screen of your smartphone facing up or facing down. One thing I noticed was that when placing the phone with the screen up, the tab was difficult to push when disengaging the case from the forearm mount. When the phone's screen was down, it was much easier to release. I'm not sure if this was just mine. Again, good product and I already received a lot of compliments. I will definitely consider the other options and mounts for use with this device. Good job and great ideas Juggernaut, and continuously improve!