Galaxy S8 SLEEV Phone Case

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Fits Galaxy S8 (Not S8+ or Note 8)
Fits size MEDIUM mounts
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  • 4.7 ounces,  7.33" x 3.71" x 0.75"
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    Posted by Mike on Jan 1st 2022

    The functionality is great, but the case is not as sturdy as I've expected. In my opinion, it doesn't live up to standards of SF equipment. I am not even sure if I fall under warranty terms any more. 1. The flip cap that secures the top of the phone has broken off after only a year of use, because the force needed to open the clamp is substantial (to guarantee the seal), but the cap base on the case isn't reinforced. 2. The sealing guides on the cap have cracked, because the plastic is very thin and has been subjected to constant stress by the o-rings on the cap. 3. The polymer window that is designed to protect the phone camera, has cracked as well. This gives the idea that it's not made of polycarbonate, which is beyond my understanding, because polycarbonate is quite cheap. The suggestions to improve the product are obvious: reinforce the flip cap base (on the case, where the steel cap pin is), use polycarbonate camera shielding instead of whatever plexiglass-like polymer is used right now.

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    Donald Hondel

    Posted by Donald Hondel on Jun 28th 2018

    Great product, very durable, adds about an inch to the overall size but I like having a larger phone so it works out. I would fully recommend getting this case.