A heavy-duty phone case is the start of your field operations loadout — but it’s not the end of it. Your team members need two free hands while still having access to their devices for tactical coordination and situational awareness. Juggernaut.Case tactical smartphone mounts are made for extreme situations just like the Juggernaut.Case phone cases they support. Our phone and tablet cases attach directly to the mounts with a secure fit in harsh conditions. We partner with military units, federal agencies and police departments globally to supply heavy-duty device mounts for government requirements. Learn more below about our selection of body-worn phone case mounts and vehicle mounts that are sized to fit specific phone case models. We also make a versatile radio holster that integrates with a variety of tactical radio models. Our mounts have been tested beyond official military standards to exceed the environmental factors of their specific use case. Visit our testing standards page to read about temperature shock validation and exposure to everything from dust to chemical spills. Contact us today to get a quote on government procurement phone mounts for soldiers, first responders, investigators and everyone else who needs a hands-free mounting solution for tactical devices.




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For the dismounted warfighter

Balancing your load carriage with all the necessary equipment is essential to a successful mission. Secure device mounting options to your plate carrier, pack, or belt enable direct access to your smartphone or tablet in the field of operations, without having to dig into your pouches or gear bag. Using lightweight materials, our mounts are designed to use the minimum amount of real estate on your kit, while providing adjustability to customize your needs.

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Vehicle and Aviation

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Whether you're in a Humvee, an ATV, patrol vehicle or helo, chances are you're going to be trekking over some challenging terrain. A "universal" clamp style mount just doesn't cut it for that type of scenario. You need a rugged, crash tested solution that is proven in a combat environment, and allows you to quickly transfer your Juggernaut.Case from your kit to your vehicle. Our vehicle phone case mounts and aviation mounts are designed specifically to integrate with your existing RAM Mount hardware to create a customizable solution for your specific setup.

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Your kit, where you need it

Nylon pouches have been the industry standard for tactical radios for a long time. But radios run hot, and those pouches trap that heat. The Juggernaut.Case solution is a radio pouch that's lightweight, MOLLE-compatible, and scalable to accommodate a variety of radios. The hinged bottom cup allows for quick access to the keypad without removing the radio from your kit. It's made from the same proven rugged materials as our cases, and allows plenty of airflow to keep the radio from overheating.

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