That's the sound of security.

So you can focus on getting the job done.



Pro gear for utility, function and form.

As an ENDVR user you need mounting solutions that are as adaptable to different jobsites as you are. You need to shift seamlessly from displaying maps in your vehicle to quick call access from your belt, arm, or vest. Whether maneuvering through tight spaces, or working from a scaffold, when you click your case into a Juggernaut.Case mount, you know it's secure.



Born from battle for extreme environments.

As an ADVNTR user, reaction time is a key component to your job. You don't have the luxury of searching for your phone, or fumbling through your pockets. You need access now. With a versatile selection of on-body and vehicle mounts, you can customize locations to ensure that quick access for your unique situation.



Combat proven gear, for your device.

As an OPRTR, load-carriage is critical to your mission. From ordnance to comms equipment, every element of your kit is designed to ensure you're prepared for battle. Hands-free mounting options allow access to situational awareness applications without compromising your reaction time. We have options that range from ATV to aviation, and dismounted to freefall, to meet the needs of any operational scenario.



What is the best way to mount a phone in a car? - This depends on the vehicle and user. Vent mounts can block airflow, and cupholder mounts come with a risk of having your eyes off the road. A windshield or dash phone car mount gives you the best line of sight, as long as it doesn't hinder visibility. We partner with RAM Mounts to provide pre-configured kits that range in capability from bolt down, adhesive, suction cup, or rail clamps. These kits integrate to our vehicle mount plates that are specifically designed for Juggernaut.Cases to clip into securely.

What are phone mounts used for? - A phone mount keeps your device accessible while leaving both hands free for other tasks. They're most popular in standard vehicles, but we provide a variety of both vehicle and on-body options. Whether you need to mount your phone to a bike, ATV, or in a cockpit, we have configurable options available. If you need wearable access, we have mount solutions that range from sternum, belt, arm, and even leg mounts for tablets.

Where is the safest place to put a phone holder in your car? - As mentioned previously, a dashboard or windshield mount, centered and as low as possible provides the best compromise of safety, visibility, and accessibility. A secondary location may be the bottom-left corner of the windshield.

What is the benefit of phone mount? - A phone mount lets you use GPS navigation, enables hands-free conversations, or connect music and other audio to your car or headphones. Mounts enable our military and first responder users the ability to access navigation and communication while keeping their hands free for the mission at hand.

What does phone mount mean? - A standard phone mount is like having a docking station to secure your phone in a specific place so that you can operate hands-free. Many commercial mounts are generic and universal, utilizing clamp arms or magnets, but they lack the use of rugged materials and secure engagement for your phone. Juggernaut.Case mounts are designed with a specific geometry to enable Juggernaut.Case phone cases to securely snap into place, locking the phone into the mount until you're ready to remove it with the release thumb tab.

Have more questions? - Please visit our FAQ page for more general answers about the Juggernaut.Case ecosystem of products.