Success Stories


Obviously we're biased when it comes to our products, so it's always awesome to hear success stories directly from our users. Below are just a few of those scenarios in their own words. We are grateful that they chose to send in these stories, and even more thankful that they're still around to share them.



"I was in Ukraine maneuvering my pickup to recover a couple of my downed troops when I came into contact with an AT mine. I and my vehicle were tossed through the air like a rag doll, and the explosion that tore into me...also set that rag doll on fire with me inside. The Galaxy Note 8 IMPCT Case somehow protected my phone from that point-blank detonation and the PALS mount kept it on my chest. That system, keeping my phone from being destroyed and keeping it with me, gave me an invaluable capability. That allowed me to be extracted, that allowed me to be moved quickly to a hospital, and eventually enabled my extraction back to my home country where I am recovering to this day. I was originally impressed with the engineering and ingenuity of the the words thank you seem inadequate. Calling me a "fan" of the Juggernaut family does not quite cover it."

Hit and Run

“I work in a criminal investigations unit for a large police department. A week ago, I was off duty and encountered a hit and run crash on a busy freeway. One party was still on scene and on foot. I called the crash in to the station, donned PPE, and began setting up traffic control. I was struck in the legs by a vehicle within my lane and was presumably airborne for a brief moment. When I landed, my legs were mangled. I was assisted to safety by a Good Samaritan and when I reached for my cargo pocket, my phone was still intact, protected by a Juggernaut case. I used the phone to call in my injuries and an ambulance arrived expeditiously. My one misfortune that day was followed by a lot of miracles, and I will only buy cell phones from now on which are compatible with Juggernaut products.”


“I was recently conducting an Overland/Mobility Operations course, and experienced a mechanical malfunction in the side-by-side I was driving. The result of the malfunction was the vehicle rolling, tumbling end over end, and launching itself once more when it landed on it's side. At some point during the first rollover, my safety harness broke free and I was ejected from the driver's seat, bouncing off the seats and radio columns and at one point having my right upper body crushed by the roll cage as I was hanging out of the vehicle. The impacts I experienced were so forceful that my rear ESAPI plate was broken from colliding with a sharp edge. The magazines on the front of my plate carrier were crushed, some launching the baseplates and springs like squeezed toothpaste tubes. As soon as the vehicle stopped rolling I knew I was hurt quite badly. And I was; several broken vertebrae and ribs, AC joint mangled, internal bleeding and lung damage. Despite the damage to my worn equipment, my phone was still attached to the front of my plate carrier. Although twisted and broken at the lower hinge, the retaining clip held the phone from being pulled away and lost in the debris field. I was able to unclip the retention piece and pull the phone and broken base free, and my Juggernaut case had kept my phone completely undamaged. Not a single scratch or crack on it. I was able to use my phone to contact the other cadre and quickly coordinate location and be taken immediately for medical treatment.”

400 Foot Drop

“I’m a retired army LTC Scout Pilot, DoD contractor & reserve deputy sheriff...pilot mostly. I use Juggernaut for my phone case with a belt clip and a chest mount on my patrol vest. Today I flew the Sheriff. I had my phone on a magnetic mount in the cockpit...we fly an old army OH-58C “44LC” with doors off. I felt something bump my was my phone going out the door at 400 ft altitude when my suction cup mount gave up the ghost. Bye, bye galaxy phone. It looked like it went into a cut corn field below...dry hard dirt. After I landed and got home I grabbed my darling’s phone and checked our "Life360"! phone was there! I drove to the field, got within the CEP (Circular Error of Probability) and I called.... SHAZAAM!!! I heard that precious "Sweet Home Alabama" ring tone! I picked up the phone... the case had a few dings on it but not even a scratch on the unprotected glass face. I thought y’all would get a kick out of hearing about it.”

Pocket Fail

“I wanted to share that your case saved my phone. I was riding my motorcycle and my phone, with the Juggernaut case on it, fell out of my pocket. I didn’t realize I had lost my phone until I got home. With the help of find my phone I located my phone in the middle of an intersection, off a well travelled road, here in Oceanside, California. Remarkably my phone was perfectly fine, thanks to the case. The case itself was a little banged up but still works. I just had to Dremel out the hole for the charging port because it had closed a little for the one cable I use. Either way, this case saved me a lot of money and hassle.”

More Testimonies

“Had multiple vehicles run over my phone during an accident. IMPCT case was able to protect it enough for me to use it until I get a replacement phone. Awesome product, you have won a loyal fan.”

“GREAT PRODUCT. I left my Samsung S21 Ultra with the Juggernaut case on the hood of my truck. Rounded a curve at 40MPH, phone and case go flying and hit the concrete. Zero issues with the phone and the Juggernaut case was barely scraped. You saved me a $1300 replacement device.”


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