Military Freefall

Military Freefall


In modern warfare and tactical ops, you don’t just need a smartphone to survive a fall. Military teams rely on apps like the Jumpmaster plugin for ATAK to help plan those missions and coordinate their navigation to the desired impact point (DIP). With military freefall phone mounts for government agencies, your team will be prepared for any situation. They are designed to securely attach to your gear and provide everything you need to pull off a coordinated drop.

Device Mounts for Military Freefall

In response to the need for mounting navigation equipment to the parachuter's plate carrier, we developed the HAHO.LITE Navigation Board. It attaches to our PALS Armor mount or sternum mount, holding your Garmin GPS and an oil-filled military-grade dive compass for redundancy support for your smartphone. The compass is included, and you can add the optional Garmin Fortrex 601 if you don't already have one. 

Rugged Freefall Phone Cases

You'll also find that any Juggernaut.Case tactical phone case fits with our military freefall configurations (but please note that the magnets in Apple devices may affect the nav board compass). Our full range of legacy smartphone cases like the Galaxy S9 and S21 SLEEV or IMPCT, as well as the newer S23, XCover6 Pro OPRTR, Galaxy S Series ADVNTR, and even or lowest profile ENDVR smartphone cases will integrate with the PALS Armor mount and HAHO.LITE nav board solution. They're tested to exceed military standards for drop protection and shock resistance. 

We can also develop new military freefall solutions if there is a large enough requirement. Contact us if  you need more information on custom development.