Are all Samsung cases the same? - In a word, no. Each Samsung phone model is a different size and shape, and they have different placements for power and volume buttons, camera lenses, charger cable ports and other features. Even phones within the same series, such as the Samsung S23 and S23 Ultra, have variations that require a unique case design.

Does my Samsung phone need a case? - Our cases are designed specifically for rugged environments, but anyone can benefit from protecting their Samsung phone from drops and other hazards. Your Samsung phone wasn't cheap, so you want to protect your investment.

Which type of phone case is the best? - It really depends on your specific needs. If you are a military operator who is using your Samsung phone primarily for situational awareness, our OPRTR case is designed for that purpose. If you use your Samsung phone in a dual role (situational awareness and for standard phone calls), and you're not connecting it to any tactical communication equipment, then the lower profile ADVNTR case might be a better option. If you're using your Samsung phone as a standard everyday carry cell phone, our slimmest ENDVR case might be your preference. All of these models are made from a mix of hardened polymer and shock absorbing TPU to create a blend of performance materials that provide drop testing results that exceed military standard. You can check out our testing standards HERE.

Which materials are better for Samsung phone cases, hard plastic, silicone or rubber? - Again, we find that a mix of both materials creates the best drop performance. Cases that are made of 100% flexible silicone or rubber are prone to splitting. Our unique hardened polymer blend has been the default material for many of our legacy case designs. What we found, based on customer feedback, is that minimal TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material, strategically placed, provides better ergonomic performance, as well as additional shock absorption. This is achieved by co-molding the TPU within the main body of hard polymer, which is reflected in all of our ENDVR, ADVNTR, and OPRTR cases.

Have more questions? - Please visit our FAQ page for more general answers about the Juggernaut.Case ecosystem of products.