iPhone 11 IMPCT Phone Case

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Fits iPhone 11 (Not 11 Pro or Pro Max)
Fits size MEDIUM mounts
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SKU: JG.IMPCT.iPhone11.
Availability Juggernaut.Case keeps limited quantities in stock, and most times an order will ship within a few days. Some items are built to order, with an average lead time of 2-4 weeks, but we strive to expedite products whenever possible.


  • 3 ounces,  6.39" x 3.49" x 0.65"
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  •  4202122120
  •  USA



  • 2

    Posted by Mike on Oct 22nd 2021

    I received this case and while there was nothing physically wrong with it, it ultimately was not for me. The case itself is extremely large and bulky, there is no screen cover and there's no way to access or otherwise use the mute switch on the side of the phone sine there's no button or anything for it and the case is so thick that you can't reach the button unless you use something small like a pencil or the tip of a pocket knife blade.

  • 5
    William Poteet

    Posted by William Poteet on Jul 1st 2021

    I love this case. It takes abuse better than any case I have ever had. The one and only small thing is the rubber sealer that covers the charging port. I can't give it a bad review because it might last forever. But with my many year of experience, rubber will dry rot. But as of up to now it has been as solid as a rock.

  • 5

    Posted by Jason on Jun 9th 2021

    Love it! Best case on the market.......