iPhone 11 Pro Max IMPCT Phone Case

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Fits iPhone 11 Pro Max (Not standard 11 or 11 Pro)
Fits size LARGE mounts
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  • 3 ounces,  6.68" x 3.62" x 0.63"
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    Posted by Joe on Oct 8th 2021

    The phone case look's great and works for what it's intended to only problem I've run into is that it's slippery I wish there was some kind of rubber gripping on the back that would stop it from slipping out of your hands or off things your lay it down on I have the tan case so black rudder grip would give it a nice Accent.

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    Julyon Moton

    Posted by Julyon Moton on Sep 14th 2021

    The case body is good. Fits perfectly. The bad: texture is too slick, so slick that it slides off of everything that has a slight grade. Some rubberized panels or edges could have alleviated this. The black snap cap the covers the top of the phone is brittle. So brittle that it snapped in half after the first drop from sliding off of our truck due to the slick case. The case itself handed the drops fine with slight deformations and permanent damage to the case but it did its job. Think this cat would be slightly better with a similar magpul type waffle grip, or grippier material to reduce sliding. About 90% of the case receiving fall damage was due to the case being too slick. 3/5. When mounter to the plate carrier its also gives off a glare or reflection. Some of my Guys just spray paint the case to flat colors to reduce the glare.

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    R. Jay Phelps

    Posted by R. Jay Phelps on Aug 24th 2021

    Although this is a solid piece of equipment…as I have used 2 of them in the past…I actually ordered the wrong one this time and should have ordered for a 12 pro max…I guess I hit the wrong button