iPhone 14 Pro ADVNTR Phone Case

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Fits iPhone 14 Pro (Not Standard, Plus, or Pro Max)
Fits size MEDIUM mounts
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Availability Juggernaut.Case keeps limited quantities in stock, and most times an order will ship within a few days. Some items are built to order, with an average lead time of 2-4 weeks, but we strive to expedite products whenever possible.


  • 2.82 ounces,  6.33" x 3.45" x 0.67"
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    Harrison Nelson

    Posted by Harrison Nelson on Apr 26th 2023

    I love the Advntr case! Especially the drop in design (no more cramming into tight cases from the screen port hoping you don’t flex your phone in half) and available accessories you guys already have that work with it. The only thing I would change is possibly bringing the angles out on the edges (just a tiny slant not drop the height of the raise above the screen I love how robust that is for drop protection) around the screen to just a slight extended graded angle because with bare hands the robust edges can take a little getting use to for things like swiping from top/bottom and side edges and with gloves on it could be more difficult. However it in no way makes it unmanageable. It is overall a highly rugged and diversely applicable accessory to last in the field at a more than competitive price point.

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    Posted by Paul on Apr 23rd 2023

    Product was listed on website as "made in USA" . Product came in package marked "designed engineered & packaged in the USA from global components". In other words, not made in USA, was disappointed about the misleading information. As far as the case itself, it is nice and an evolution of the previous generations. I have been buying them since they screwed together. I dont mind paying more and waiting weeks for a USA made product. This? not sure. A lot of other imports that are similar and do the same thing for half the price. Juggernaut response: Paul, the COO (Country of Origin) is a export designation for shipping. We list this on the website for our international customers who have to designate which country the product is shipping from, for customs designation. That's why it's listed with the Harmonized Tax Code, Weights/Dims, etc. As far as the manufacturing, there are some components that do currently have to be source from various locations. But we receive those components and build here at our USA facility. Updating our supply chain to 100% USA sourced is definitely the long term goal! There are just some factors that make that challenging at the moment.

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    Posted by Andy on Apr 20th 2023

    The phone feels very sturdy. I have not dropped it or anything like that I could contest to the toughness of the case. But it feels like a tank. That being said, the case obviously makes the phone feel bigger in the hand. The sides are cut out in a way that doesn’t feel good in the hand when grasping it. But it is needed for the mounting options. I would still recommend the case for anyone looking to keep their phone safe and the mounting options are great.