3 Ways We Piss Off the General Consumer & Why We're Not Sorry.

3 Ways We Piss Off the General Consumer & Why We're Not Sorry.

Posted by Jen Ortiz on Feb 22nd 2024


These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from the general consumer audience:

Why aren't you making a case for ______ device? 

Why aren't your cases MagSafe compatible?

I ordered yesterday. Why hasn't my order shipped?

It's not that we want to piss people off. But we're hoping that a collective respect for those who serve and protect, will help the general public gain some understanding about our business model, values, and general philosophy.


The general answer is, first and foremost, we are a defense company, not a phone case company. We're not trying to compete with all cases on the market. We're not trying to be all things to all people. 

We put the warfighter first. Always. 

Serving the military and first responder community is how Juggernaut.Case was born. Our hope is that the general consumer, who wants top quality gear, will also adopt our product ecosystem for protecting, mounting, and connecting their devices in rugged, extreme environments. But we won't sacrifice our commitment to supporting our men and women in uniform by chasing the market share of an already saturated commercial industry. 


The more specific answers to those frequent questions are:

  • Why aren't you making a case for _____ device? Development and tooling are expensive. We base our priorities on supporting models that are most frequently issued to military, law enforcement, and first responder units. Offering additional models adds complexity to our core product line, and pulls focus away from serving our primary target audience. 
  • Why aren't your cases MagSafe compatible? Our mounts are designed with a specific retention element that provides a secure attachment for use in a rugged environment. That element also serves as the alignment to the charge coil in our wireless charge mounts. Our target customers need an ecosystem of solutions that are meant for battle, and most commercial MagSafe chargers are not. Not to mention that Apple requires a licensing agreement to be MFi certified, and spending resources on that dilutes our ability to focus on initiatives that support the warfighter's mission. 
  • I ordered yesterday. Why hasn't my order shipped? We are not a distributor with a warehouse filled with excess inventory. Overstock of products can quickly burden internal resources, shifting priorities away from fulfilling government contracts that are often crucial to deployment timelines. We apply a lean manufacturing philosophy in order to stay as agile as possible to meet those priority requirements, fulfilling our obligation as a defense manufacturer to support those who protect and serve. 


Did you know that companies like Juggernaut.Case, who serve the defense industry, often receive government orders that have a DPAS rating (Defense Priorities and Allocations System)? These are orders in which the US government deems an immediate need for expedited deployments, or emergency response to global conflicts or disasters. Companies that receive these orders are legally obligated to prioritize their materials and resources to completing those orders ahead of all others. 


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