Embracing Technology on the Job

Embracing Technology on the Job

Posted by Jen Ortiz on Dec 10th 2023


SWAT Team Using Juggernaut.Case

We hear it at trade shows all the time. "I'd love to get smartphones for our team, but our commander will never go for it." There's no doubt, the smartphone is a powerful tool. But many people aren't quite convinced that the perceived risks are worth the reward when it comes to deploying the technology in the field. For some departments, it's a big investment with a few unknown factors.

What are the benefits beyond calling and texting? How secure is the data? Will standard phone cases be sufficient for protection?

SWAT Team - Video


Click the images below to check out some articles, white papers, and case studies that illustrate the benefits of team awareness enabled by the use of commercial off the shelf smartphones and accessories that are built for the mission.

Samsung INSIGHTS, by Dale Stockton  Article and White Paper
Juggernaut.Case Blog Post, by Jen Ortiz  Article, White Paper & Case Study
Police 1, by Dale Stockton


With various situational awareness apps on the market, and secure device encryption, there’s no reason for SWAT teams and other tactical units to fly blind when attempting coordination. With vehicle and body worn mounting solutions, they can have hands free access to those apps whether they’re driving, on foot, or receiving a live feed from cameras or drones.

In addition to robust navigation capabilities, team members can set geo fencing perimeters, drop pins supported with photos and text, and see in real time where other team members are. These features allow for efficient coordination, and greatly increase your team’s ability to complete the mission safely. There's an array of secure software available, like   Blueforce Development and Intrepid Networks that provide user friendly alternatives to some of the traditional government issued platforms.

Juggernaut.Case provides a full ecosystem of rugged products that are designed to protect, mount, and connect your device in the field, ensuring the longevity of your department’s investment.


Juggernaut.Case provides a complete ecosystem of products that provide combat proven gear for your device.

PROTECT - Our cases are built from a rugged polymer blend and drop tested beyond military standards, using live devices.

MOUNT - Our mounts provide secure attachment with customized release force specifically designed for different types of missions.

CONNECT - Our cables range from standard charge to fully sealed MIL-SPEC configurations to integrate with tactical radios and hubs.


Select models of Samsung, Apple, Google, Panasonic are currently supported with a range of case models. Visit our PROTECT page.


From standard body or vehicle placement, to full MFF scenarios, there's a solution for almost any need. Explore them all on our MOUNT page.


Designed for secure connection to our cases, power and data solutions cover standard or specialty integrations. See details on our CONNECT page.