Why Juggernaut.Case?

Why Juggernaut.Case?

Posted by Jen Ortiz on Nov 18th 2023


One of the most common questions we get from people is, “Why Juggernaut.Case instead of other phone cases?" 

Let’s start by answering the question with a question: 

Who is the user? 

Most commercial cases offer drop protection and varied levels of dust/immersion protection. Here’s a quick glance at what to expect from a Juggernaut.Case.



  • What you won’t find: 
    • Gimmicky features like kickstands and credit card pockets 
    • Inventory in every major retailer worldwide 
    • A case for every mobile device on the market 
    • Branding that includes NFL™ logos, Disney™ characters, etc. 
    • Patterns and colors focused on trendy fashion (although we're pretty partial to our aesthetics) 
  • What you will find:
    • A few consistent proprietary materials that are proven to protect your device 
    • Robust profile for enhanced grip and survivability in high risk environments 
    • A full ecosystem of integrated accessories from mounts and cables, to inductive chargers and screen protectors 
    • Direct sale and customer support from the manufacturing facility in Scottsdale, Arizona 
    • Selected models based on Samsung or Apple flagship devices, and/or the devices most commonly acquired by military/DOD


By our own admission, Juggernaut.Case™ is not after the huge commercial phone case market. Other commercial brands have the extensive overhead to saturate that industry with a multitude of products. And as much as we would love to protect everyone's phone, we understand that we're not for everyone. Some users would prefer to just buy a case in their favorite color, with their favorite movie character on it. We are a small design/manufacturing company who caters to a very specific audience. Our mounting capabilities and cable connectivity solutions are geared toward strenuous environmental applications for the warfighter, the first responder, or anyone who utilizes their smartphone as a tool for their job.


Who is the user? 

  • Our user is serious
  • Our user has specific conditions and threats in which he/she needs ultimate device protection
  • Our user needs mounting solutions so they can navigate and communicate hands-free in unforgiving terrains or jobsites
  • Our user is unique
  • Our user is a Juggernaut

JUGGERNAUT: a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path (source: www.merriam-webster.com)


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