The dismounted soldier doesn’t just need heavy-duty phone and tablet protection. They also need a way to wear and use it effectively in the field. Whether a mission requires a full loadout or a barebones approach, Juggernaut.Case has the right government agency phone protection gear for direct action. These solutions are used by elite global armed forces, SWAT and other tactical teams that need reliable gear to help them complete the mission.

Combat-Ready Phone Cases and More

Smartphones are a must on the modern battlefield, and the Juggernaut.Case product ecosystem includes the essentials that warfighters demand. Our OPRTR heavy-duty phone cases are the toughest around, tested beyond military standards yet maintaining a remarkably low profile. ADVNTR, ENDVR and IMPCT cases are ideal for first responders and plainclothes officers who also face the extremes. And although rugged protection and optimal performance are critical, any gear enthusiast will also admit, sexy kit matters. Our phone cases have the rugged, badass style tactical operators are looking for, in an assortment of colors to assist with the mission requirements or uniform consistency. 

All that’s great, but how are you going to carry them amidst the rest of your gear? Warfighter phone mounts are the answer. We have MOLLE plate carrier mounts, belt mounts, PALS pack platforms, kneeboard mounts and many other ways to incorporate smart devices into your load carraige. Juggernaut.Case also offers a large selection of operator-grade charging and data cables to stay connected from start to finish.

Does your agency or department need a unique case, mount or cable in a large quantity? With Juggernaut.Case design services, we can develop it for you if it meets the minimum quantity threshold. Contact us to get a quote on any of our dismounted warfighter gear.