Vehicle and Aviation

Vehicle and Aviation

Tactical Smartphone Cases & Accessories for Vehicles and Aviation

When there’s a demanding mission ahead, your vehicle can’t just be a way to get you to the field. You need to coordinate and communicate as you navigate — and do so with limited space around other warfighters and equipment. Juggernaut.Case has a full ecosystem of vehicle and aviation device cases, mounts and cables for government agencies. They can integrate with the RAM Mount products trusted by U.S. and allied armed forces or be part of a custom setup.

Stay Connected at the Controls

Vehicle smartphone mounting and charging are as important as the case your phone is in. We have hands-free ways to remain connected during the mission allowing full situational awareness for your team. A few of our tactical device options include:

  • RAM-compatible mounts for vehicle dashboards.
  • Inductive charging mounts that simultaneous hold and charge for less clutter.
  • Ejection seat case and mount systems that have passed the 650kt blast test certification.
  • Rail mounts for attaching phones to roll cages, handlebars and even step bars.
  • Quick Disconnect MIL-Spec cables for charging devices and transmitting data to peripherals.

These mounts and cables come in designs to fit our entire lineup of tactical smartphone cases, from the OPRTR phone case on the battlefield, to the ADVNTR and ENDVR cases for rural an urban government ops. We’ll help you put together a kit that transforms your UTV, armored SUV, truck, plane or helicopter into a mobile command and control force multiplier.

Get a quote today on a contract for made-to-order tactical vehicle phone gear. If you have a large quantity need that you don’t think our existing product lineup will meet, let our Design Services team know.