Google Pixel Phone Case FAQs

Do Google Pixels need a case? - A Google Pixel case is a must for active users. They give the phone additional protection against spills, drops, scratches and other ways it can be damaged. Our Google Pixel cases provide dust covers and other features that will keep your phone like new no matter the mission.

Does Pixel 5 require a case? - The Google Pixel 5 is known as one of the most durable phones available with excellent grip. Still, we recommend a Google Pixel 5 case if you’re using your phone as a tool in any extreme environment or rugged situation. A rugged case like our IMPCT phone case provides additional protection and mounting capability for use on the battlefield or other high risk scenarios.

Is there such a thing as a waterproof phone case? - These days, a fully waterproof case is overkill for most user's needs, and only increases cost. Almost all major cell phones since 2017 are already IP68 rated, meaning they are environmentally sealed and can withstand water submersion up to 1.5 meters for around 30 minutes. Juggernaut.Case IMPCT cases provide an additional dust/water seal at the bottom of the case to provide additional sealing protection to the vulnerable ports.

Do phone cases affect signal strength? - Most common phone case materials, such as the hard polymer used in our Google Pixel IMPCT cases, do not disturb signals. Conductive materials such as metal, would block radio waves from reaching the antenna, which is why Juggernaut.Case does not use metal in our phone case designs.

Do phone cases absorb impact? - Our Google Pixel IMPCT phone cases mix a hard polymer exterior with an interior high density foam material to mitigate shock. All our cases also have raised bezels on the sides of the screen and camera lens to protect these vulnerable components if you drop your phone. You can check out our testing standards HERE.

Have more questions? - Please visit our FAQ page for more general answers about the Juggernaut.Case ecosystem of products.