iPhone 12 Mini IMPCT Phone Case

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Fits iPhone 12 Mini (Not standard, Pro or Max)
Fits size SMALL mounts
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SKU: JG.IMPCT.iPhone12m.
Availability Juggernaut.Case keeps limited quantities in stock, and most times an order will ship within a few days. Some items are built to order, with an average lead time of 2-4 weeks, but we strive to expedite products whenever possible.


  • 3 ounces,  5.67" x 3.25" x 0.6"
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  •  4202122120
  •  USA



  • 5
    Rowan johnson

    Posted by Rowan johnson on Aug 1st 2022

    Honestly was expecting a low grade flimsy pos turns out I was wrong everything about this case is quality it's ridged sturdy feels great no extra unnecessary frills and bs just a hard heavy duty purpose built case only thing I would have asked for was glass options but that was on me I dropped the ball on that part So if you're looking for a case and you want the best protection for your investment you're at the right place

  • 5

    Posted by Zack on Sep 8th 2021

    Absolutely love this product. I will be purchasing the molly mount in the future for SWAT raids and other law enforcement operations!

  • 5
    Devin Bulkley

    Posted by Devin Bulkley on Jul 27th 2021

    I absolutely love the case. Thing is rock solid! The only issue ive had is the dust cover on the bottom not fitting properly. However, the problem seems to have corrected itself with time. The case will definitely make your phone bigger if thats a concern.