iPhone 15 Pro Max ADVNTR Phone Case

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Fits iPhone 15 Pro Max (Not Standard, Plus, or Pro)
Fits size X-LARGE mounts
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  • 4
    Adam Fenton

    Posted by Adam Fenton on May 14th 2024

    Came from using the OtterBox Defender Pro case primarily in order to use the enhanced belt clip (OtterBox has WAY dropped in their holster quality). This case is very robust and durable, although it makes the phone size quite large. Also, the silence button is totally open...just covered by quite a bit of case. Wish it had a rubber flap like the bottom does. I also use a Zagg glass screen protector, and no issues using it with this case. Phone is fairly snug in the case...no movement or flexing. When placing the phone down on surfaces, typically it's hard plastic hitting the surface. I liked how the OtterBox defender was more rubber on the outside to soften any "hard" put downs. But so far, very happy with this case and the belt clip.

  • 5
    Justin Dodge

    Posted by Justin Dodge on May 10th 2024

    Just got this case and I love it. Feels like the same quality as my old IMPCT case and that thing was solid as a rock. I expect this one to outlast the phone. It also surprisingly fits my phone with a glass screen protector and the camera cover as well.

  • 4
    Andrew Longhi

    Posted by Andrew Longhi on May 2nd 2024

    Case fits good and was easy to place phone in, just wish it would work with Bluetooth charger