Galaxy S8+ (Plus) IMPCT Phone Case

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Fits Galaxy S8+ (Not standard S8)
Fits size MEDIUM mounts
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  • 3 ounces,  6.72" x 3.42" x 0.63"
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  • 5
    Tim Faktor

    Posted by Tim Faktor on Sep 17th 2019

    Work at an FD, love the case so far and have people notice and ask about it,

  • 4
    Michael Flores

    Posted by Michael Flores on Jul 26th 2018

    I'm a police officer and I needed a rugged case. I like how this case fits my phone. I've already dropped my phone several times with the case on. The phone did not sustain any damage. The buttons on the case feel like they are part of the phone. In fact the case makes the phone feel like I have a completely different phone. I watch a lot of videos on my phone and use my GPS. I was worried that the case would muffle my speakers. I was really surprised when I learned that the case didn't muffled the speakers but also seemed to increase the volume. I do not like the rubber gasket on the bottom of the phone. I charge my phone often in the police car and the large rubber piece dangling is a bit of a problem. The covers on the bottom ports could have been engineered differently. I like the fact that the case has a belt mount and vehicle mount. I couldn't afford them when I bought the case but I will purchase them in the future. I haven't found a good way to attach my phone to my gun belt yet. Maybe your product will be the gadget I've been looking for? I also wish the case included a screen protector. All in all I'd buy this case again and I recommend it to other officers. I would have given it 5 stars if it didn't have the annoying rubber piece dangling when charging.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 22nd 2018

    VERY depeondable case! It doesn't add very much weight or bulk to your phone, but looks very cool.